There are three options when applying with Staffing Smiles.
1) You can make an appointment for the Crystal Lake Working World office at 14 N. Walkup Ave 60014.
2) call Laurie at 847-587-6341. I can email you the application so you are able to print everything off and return via email or fax.
3) check out our Online Application! **If you are choosing to fill the application out online, it is recommended to do so on computer, not on your phone.

For all three options you will need to provide two forms of I-9 identification, here are some examples:

  • Valid Driver’s License or State ID (stressing that it cannot be expired)
    to be paired with…
  • Social Security Card (cannot be lamented) or a Certified Birth Certificate (must have the raised stamp)
  • A valid Passport or valid Permanent Resident Card (these single forms of documentation will cover the two forms of identification)

For a list of all documentation accepted please visit

Take a photo WITH your valid photo ID/Passport/Permanent Resident Card (take a “selfie” holding your valid photo ID/Passport/Permanent Resident Card next to your face) and send it with your Staffing Smiles application.

You will also need to bring with you (or email/scan/fax); all of your licenses and certifications (Example: RDH license or your CPR certification).

If you want to set up direct deposit, be sure to bring a voided check or direct deposit letter from your bank. If you would like to set up a re-loadable card, the form is in the application as well- please indicate if you would like the card to be mailed to you or if you would like to pick your card up at the Crystal Lake office. Follow the directions on either form. Both of these forms can be filled out at later dates as well. If you choose to opt out of direct deposit and the A-Line card, we issue paper checks. Paper checks can be picked up at the Crystal Lake Working World office (must provide valid photo ID upon retrieval of the check) or your check will be mailed out on the Friday of payday via USPS.

If you have any questions, please contact Laurie at 847-587-6341 or email