Staffing Smiles specializes in providing Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire Dental personnel. Through the use of cutting edge software, we are able to match your needs with the best selection of Staffing Smiles candidates.

    • When to call Staffing Smiles:
      When you need someone temporarily, whether short term or long term.
      Vacations, Jury Duty or Staff Training Sessions.
      To “Fill the Gaps” while searching for a permanent employee.
      Your practice is growing and you don’t have time to screen applicants.
      Looking to hire a new employee? Try before you buy! Staffing Smiles will employ candidates while you make your hiring decision.
      When a staff member calls off at the last minute and you need a replacement.
    • Payroll Services
      Tired of writing payroll checks and assuming all the liability of your in-house staff? Call us today to hear how our Payroll Services can ease up your back-office headaches.
    • No more 1099’s
      Don’t worry about falling short of the Department of Labor’s regulations regarding who can and who can’t be considered a 1099 employee! When using Staffing Smiles, you can relax and focus on growing your business and keeping your patients healthy and happy! By using Staffing Smiles, we become the employer of record so you don’t have to. Staffing Smiles covers all FICA, Unemployment Tax, Federal Unemployment Tax, State Tax and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.