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Call: (847) 587-6341


03/22/2023 WED Wauconda 10:45am-8:00pm
04/03/2023 MON Des Plaines 7:15am-7:00pm
04/04/2023 TUE Des Plaines 7:15am-8:00pm
04/06/2023 THU Des Plaines 7:15am-7:30pm
04/07/2023 FRI Des Plaines 7:15am-2:00pm
04/10/2023 MON Des Plaines 7:15am-7:00pm
04/11/2023 TUE Des Plaines 7:15am-8:00pm
04/13/2023 THU Des Plaines 7:15am-7:00pm
04/14/2023 FRI Des Plaines 7:15am-2:00pm
Dental Assisting Temporary Schedule